Clean Power Resources, Inc.

A leader in eco-friendly thermal reduction applications

Clean Power Resources, The Pennsylvania State University Applied Research Laboratory (“ARL”), Los Alamos National Laboratories and Volvo/Mack Trucks have been developing Solid State Piezoelectric Thermoacoustics (“SSPT”), a new technology for converting exhaust heat directly into electricity.  This technology was developed under a DOE-grant aimed at creating a new hybrid energy system for commercial vehicles, leading to substantial fuel and cost savings and reduced emissions.  As this project has progressed it has become clear that a host of other high-value applications of SSPT exist including industrial waste heat recovery, and power generation from Tier I renewable energy sources including thermal-solar, geothermal and biomass methane. CPR is committed to the design, development and commercialization of this breakthrough thermoacoustics technology to satisfy the need for more efficient solutions in the alternative energy seeking economy of today.



CPR is working with the Pennsylvania State University and the U.S. Department of Energy's National Energy Techology Laboratory to create the first prototype Piezoelectric Thermoacoustic device for mobile and renewable energy applications.  Below are figures showing the overall design of a 4-stack device, and a prototype alternator.