Clean Power Resources, Inc.

Clean Power Resources, Inc. is a leader in transport temperature control for diesel to natural gas conversions. Natural gas conversions are a good choice for applications that have convenient access to natural gas fueling stations.

Truck & Trailer Distribution
Grocery Store
Dairy Products
Restaurant & Institutional Food Supplies -Convenience Stores

Auxiliary CNG Heaters, Anti-Idle
-Oil & Gas Field Equipment (New Emerging Market)
-Beverage Distribution Companies
-Chemical and Paint Manufacturers
-Refuse/Garbage Trucks

Mass Transportation
-School; K-12,College
-Specialty/Shuttles; Hotels, Airports, Access Services



Diesel vs. Natural Gas Projected Cost


Diesel to 100% CNG

  • CNG Pressure Regulator
  • Metering Valves & Venturi
  • Digital Positioning Device
  • Speed Controller & ECM
  • Coil Packs (High Voltage)
  • Iridium Spark Plugs

Diesel & CNG / Duel Fuel

  • CNG Pressure Regulator
  • Injector Rail
  • Electronic Control Module
  • RPM Sensor
  • Coalescing Filter