Clean Power Resources, Inc.

Bringing a wealth of experience in mobile temperature control

Clean Power Resources Inc. developed out of the ever increasing need for temperature control systems in mobile environments. Climate control is critical for safe operation in many industries, such as the mining or steel industry. Operator comfort and safety provides for better productivity and employee retention.

Clean Power Resources Inc. is a women-owned company with employees having over 37 years experience in mobile temperature control systems. Our goal is for Clean Power Resources Inc. to always be on the cutting edge of the growing temperature control systems market through innovative technologies and a customer service focus.



The CPR Team 

The CPR team brings experience in a variety of custom projects as highlighted throughout the rest of this site.  We've worked with the National Energy Technology Laboratory, the National Robotics Engineering Center, CMU's entries in the DARPA Grand Challenge and Urban Challege races, as well as the Lunar-X project.  We've worked with the Department of Defense, and with numerous private companies in transortation, mining, logging and steel manufacture.  Please see the Industries link for more examples.

The team brings a wide range of skills in engineering, support, and business management to enable CPR to serve a variety of customers and to provide the most cost-effective climate control systems for the most challenging environments.  Please feel free to contact us by following the Contact link